Natural Selection
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me:*goes to party*
me:*thinks about Columbine the whole time*


if its not food or a cute boy i probably dont care very much about it

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fall colors - black

winter colors - black

spring colors - black

summer colors - black

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Robert Hawkins, perpetrator of the Westroads Mall shooting

I was in the mall when this happened and oh my god I wish I’d been in the store

Shuuuut the fudge up….you’re pulling my chain right? What did it feel like?!

Oh. My. God. When I heard the shots going off I seriously wanted to go in there but I was with friends who wouldn’t let me. But what’s really weird is me and my friend walked right by him, even said hi and talked a little, before he went inside. And And he was so nice, it was like oh my god I can’t even fully explain.

:0 omfg. I’m so amazed. You know, I would have had exactly the same urge as you….I get so excited in the face of pure chaos and danger, even death. It’s maniacal, but I cannot help it. I can’t believe you chatted to him!!!! Did you know him or was it one of those friendly mall chats with random dudes? So cool so cool so cool.


Eric Harris journal excerpt

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He’s such a baby sometimes

Bootiful baby. He was a child.


that was the last straw

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